Hey Kids,

Hows it going? Been a while since I’ve typed down here, huh? Well, what are you doing this weekend? Myself? I’m going to be tabling at Dragon Con in the Comics and pop section at table G7. I’ll be doing commissions and sketches over the weekend but also going to bring a couple of other things to sell.

First up, debuting is the Cowboy Bebop print.Astroud BluesThis and the Samurai Jack prints are $10 bucks.

Three Blind Archers

Then if you love my paintings but can’t afford an original, no fear. Got some prints for you. I have a limited number of Elektra and Bruce Lee prints available. Each one comes with an unique pencil sketch.  Each one of these are $50 dollars.



The next new item to Dragon Con is the Talent Docket. This is a grab bag where I have four mini 5×7 prints in each envelope. To spice things up, 1 out of 5 has an original  sketch in them.   If there is a print you would love but didn’t get, you can trade one back to me, just one though. These will be going for $15 bucks.


20160825_115438 20160825_015635

Bond Stranger


Last but not least, I will have copies of the “A Tiger in the Cage.” for $10 dollars as well. This is the first print run of this story.

SO-5 A Tiger in the Cage

If you are interested in getting an original piece of art from yours truly. Here are the prices.


Thank you all again and hope to see you out at Dragon Con!