Strange Light of Asmat

Deep in the Asmat Swamp a strange light is causing havoc. The local government looks to the CIA for help, and whom do they send? None other than their main man and the world leader in robotics, Doctor Theodore Odyssey. Along for the ride (and the trouble) are Agent John Satou, Dr. Odyssey’s two children, Scotty and Amy and… is that a Cheetah? Of course, no Odyssey adventure would be complete without Jake! Come join the Odysseys as they dive deep into The Strange Light of Asmat.



The Odysseys are going on holiday to meet up with Doc’s old army buddy, Salt. But when Salt’s ship gets attacked and taken over by pirates, the Odysseys board looking for friends but find a fiendish crew instead. Can the Odysseys find out the truth before the pirates get the better of them? Come join our favorite family’s maritime adventure in Misdirection.


Monsters of The Square Mile

While the Odysseys finally enjoying some rest and relaxation, a madman comes from the shadows and threatens to burn The Square Mile. His name is L’Omure De Plune Seigneur, and his weapon of choice? Control of a giant fire-breathing dragon and monstrous octopus demons! All the while, Scotty and Jake see a kid that looks just like Scotty hiding in the shadows. The boys run off to search for Scotty’s doppelgänger while the good Doctor is putting together his answer to de Plune’s attack, a giant robot nicknamed the Big Blue Bruiser. It’s high excitement and plenty of action with the Odysseys in Monsters of The Square Mile.

Softening the Stone

Softening the Stone

The Holidays can be a stressful time, especially when attempting to bring two families together. The Odysseys try to spend a peaceful holiday as guests of their CIA bodyguard John’s family in Tokyo. But old wounds get reopened and some truths come to light when the two families spend time in close quarters. On top of that, a giant demon cat is terrorizing Tokyo during New Years.


Tiger in the Cage

The Odysseys are enjoying some sun in the great city of Ankara, Turkey, when out of the blue a group of high-tech mercenaries kidnap the kids. As Doctor Odyssey and John rush to save the children, they find themselves caught… much like A Tiger in the Cage. The group demands Doctor Odyssey to build a battery for their war machine – or else! It’s a tight spot for our family. Can the Odysseys get out?


Monaco Connection

On a lovely afternoon drive through scenic Monaco, a Chinese motorcycle gang attacks Amy, John and Jake. When John gets separated from Amy and Jake in an attempt to take the group out, things turn dark for the gang and backup must be called. Come join the Odysseys in this thrilling action of The Monaco Connection.