Josh Greathouse has been a comic artist since 2009.

He has been fighting many long hours of art with his sidekick Abby Greathouse.

They currently live in Atlanta, Georgia .


P.S. Abby is not his sidekick. She owns him and breaks something of his on a daily bases to remind me of his place.


Scotty Odyssey 

Daring adventures, exotic location, thwarting villains, and laughing all the way – this is a normal day for Scotty Odyssey, a ten-year-old boy with a pair of rocket shoes and an eye for excitement. With him on his adventures are his loudmouth pet Cheetah, Jake; Scotty’s teenage sister, Amy, who spends her time fighting bad guys with her robotic power glove and yearning for the life of a normal teenage girl; and protecting all three is John, their CIA sword-wielding bodyguard. And then there’s the man with the plan that rallies the whole mismatched bunch – Dr. Theodore Odyssey, the leading expect in robotics and father to Scotty and Amy. Come experience this amazing adventure as the Odyssey family journey around the world.