So I’ve been turning to do more warm ups for my work day. It’s a time to loosen the muscles and to try new things. Things such as practice the human figure or color theory.  So what’s the easiest way to practice and learn from, I mean where does one look? One place to look is magazines and adds for figures. Fashion, Clothing and Nation Geographic are great ones. However another place I like to is, Movies.

Movie studios spend billions of dollars to create many, many pictures. They have a large teams of people to create movies. From the story and the look. A lot of time and experts go into each one. So why not study their hard work? As comic artist, you try to convey moods, setting, object and people. It’s something I have notice a lot of the greats do, the more you study the more you know and the better your art is. Now of course you should study from life and nature. However, I find movies stills are good way to start the day. I picked this up from Tony Shasteen. He does amazing mini prints from a lot of great movies.

The big question all artist start with is composition  How to do a good solid and simple composition  There is a film called “The Big Combo.” It’s a black and white film that is shot beautifully and planned to the tee. It has every shoot an artist might ever need. Black and white compositions for any artist is a key factor, so this film is a blessing. The whole thing is on youtube and here are some I have done.






Another thing I’ve been doing is movie stills. I found this site, which just have thousands of thousands of images form movies and television. With these I try to practice color, composition and the figure. I’ve been trying to do less line work in the backgrounds. Here are all ones I’ve done.

















Well that’s all the movie magic and tips I got today. Thanks again and have a great day.